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What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps you become aware of distorted or negative thinking, so you can view challenging or stressful situations more clearly and respond to them more effectively.  CBT can help disrupt negative patterns that may be impacting your work, relationships and overall mood.  CBT can be a helpful tool in the treatment of depression and anxiety as well as other problems.  In this type of psychotherapy, the client and therapist work together as a collaborative team to identify and solve problems by changing thinking and the resulting emotional response.  CBT can be effective alone or as an adjunctive treatment to medications. During CBT sessions you will be taught cognitive, behavioral and emotional-regulation skills.  Research indicates that CBT is effective with both children and adults.

We all experience negative thinking at one time or another.  Below is a link to an overview of the most common cognitive distortions.  Problems occur when these negative patterns become more entrenched and begin to negatively impact our mood, relationships, and daily functioning.  Therapy offers individuals a safe environment to explore these thoughts, challenge them, and to improve overall daily functioning.

15 Common Cognitive Distortions